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Ok, our theme now is Greeting, Taking Leave, Introducing. For more details, let’s see well.


Greeting and Leave Taking / Salam Pertemuan dan Perpisahan (A) and Responses / Jawaban (B)


Hello / Hi

Hello / Hi

Good morning (selamat pagi) / good afternoon / (selamat siang) / good evening (Selamat malam)

Good morning (selamat pagi) / good afternoon / (selamat siang) / good evening (Selamat malam)

How are you (bagaimana kabarmu)

Fine, thanks (baik, terima kasih) / I’m fine thank you (saya baik, terima kasih)

Good night, Mum (selamat malam, Ibu)

Good night, honey (selamat malam, sayang) / sweet dream (mimpi indah)

Good bye (selamat tinggal)

Bye / Bye-bye (Selamat tinggal)

See you tomorrow (sampai jumpa besok)

See you (sampai jumpa)


Introducing Oneself (Memperkenalkan Diri Sendiri)


Hello./Hi. I am Anisa Putri (Halo/Hai. Saya Anisa Putri.)

Please call me Anisa (Silahkan panggil saya Anisa)


Introducing Someone to Another (Memperkenalkan Seseorang Kepada Orang Lain)


Please meet my friend Anisa (Silahkan berkenalan dengan teman saya Anisa.)

Anisa, this is Budi (Anisa, ini Budi)

Budi, this is Anisa (Rio, ini Anisa)

Hello, Budi (Halo, Budi)

Hello, Anisa (Halo, Anisa)

Nice to meet you. (Senang bertemu denganmu.)

Nice to meet you too (Senang bertemu denganmu juga.)


You may also learn other information for introduction, such as address and age.


Where do you live? (Dimana kamu tinggal) / What’s your address? (Dimana alamatmu?)

I live at Jl. Cemara Kipas 36 Sidomulyo

How old are you? (Berapa umur kamu?)

I am twelve years old (Umur saya 12 tahun.)

When were you born? (Kapan kamu lahir?)

I was born on April 21st, 2003 (Saya lahir pada tanggal 21 April 2003)


Read the text below!


My name is Budi Raharja. I am a student. I study in SMP 4 Batu. I was born in Malang, 21st April 2003. I live at Jl. Cemara Kipas 36 Sidomulyo, my phone number is 081234567890. I like jogging, bicycling, and listening to music. My parent’s name are Mr.Slamet Raharja and Mrs.Yunita Amretasari. My blood type is AB. You can e-mail me at I am in 7A. I have lot of friends. Justin Bieber is one of my friends.

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